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Where i once loved i now hurt

Another day, another story, another tragedy

A single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic
(quoted from someone)

Today's not much diffrent than yesterday other than my mother is more coherent, though that's not much better than her in her other state...

A friend of mine might get me a job, depending if i work up the balls to ask him, then again he might not, so there'd be no point in asking.

nothing ventured nothing gained.

I had a dream with cody jimmy and i last night, it was odd...he was driving, she was in the passenger seat, and i was in the backseat laying down

Not going to go into what i think it means...I still don't want to be one of those people she doesn't give 'two shits a fuck' about, that's depressing that i still care enough to want her to think highly of me, maybe as a penpal we'd get along, because immediate conversation seems to have died, and i doubt she wants to go through that entire stage to get back to what we formerly were

I don't know

this concludes my post for today
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