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Dreams are made winding through her hair...


27 November
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Nothing you'd like
69, a clockwork orange, allanah, anal, anarchy, animal lubrication, ashley, axes, ball gags, bauhaus, being a pyro, being a slacker, being dominant, being dominated, being submissive, being taken advantage of, being tied up, bella morte, bestiality, black, blood, blood fetishes, bondage, brandon lee, caffeine, carlton bost, carlton megalodon, chains, chainsaws, christian death, cody, collars, combat boots, corsets, creature, cruxshadows, cutting, daggers, das ich, deadsy, death, death in june, dildos, disturbed, dom, duct tape, eletric guitars, elijah blue allman, elves, erotica, exorschism, fantasies, fire, good charlotte, goth sex, gum, handcuffs, hardcore, hating avril, hoobastank, ill nino, inkubus sukkubus, insane people, insomnia, jack off jill, jeffery dahmer, kill hannah, kittie, kmfdm, knives, lacuna coil, leather, licking, lightening, lollipops, london after midnight, mandy, mansion world, mdfmk, morbid things, mp3s, murder dolls, music, my dying bride, needles, nine cats tails, oompa loompas, opeth, orgy, otep, paradise lost, paranoid people, peircings, phillips exeter blue, piercings, pink floyd, playing pool, porn, psychwards, rain, rape fantasies, razor blades, red, renn hawkey, self mutilation, serial killers, sex, sex spells, sex toys, shadows, silence, silver, skinny puppy, slipknot, spanking, spikes, sporks, squirrles, stoners, strap ons, sub, submission, submissive, sugar highs, switchblade symphony, swords, talena atfield, talking to myself, tapping the vein, tattoos, teasing, ted bundy, the apex theory, the crow, the wall, theatre of tradegy, theatre of tragedy, things that fule, thunder, vibrators, videodrone, vnv nation, watching horror movies, whips, white chains, willy wonka